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Kenneth Egan Oly psychotherapist addiction counsellor

Kenneth provides professional counselling in a relaxed environment. This includes counselling in many areas of a persons life, working with issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Stress, Abusive Relationships, Bullying, Grief/Loss and Suicide Prevention.

Each client starts where they feel they need to be once the appointment is made. The first step is making that call and deciding to put yourself first, possibly for the first time in your life.

Kenneth Egan Honours Degree


  • BA (Hons) In Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Higher Diploma In Addiction Studies
  • MIACP (IACP Accredited)
Kenny Egan Silver Medalist


  • 1 x Olympic Games Silver Medal
  • 7 x European Amateur Boxing Medals
  • 10 x National Boxing Titles

"From The Olympic Podium To The Depths Of Despair & Back Again"

Kenneth Egan Public Speaking

Speaking Topics

Kenneth is a motivational speaker, whose journey from mediocre boxing standard to a superpower on the world stage.

He is not only an Olympian; he is a flawed human being with a story to tell.

Take a look at some of the videos below.

  • Journey to Olympic Success
  • What does world class look like
  • Building trust in a relationship
  • Embracing Change and Learning from failure
  • Elite Performance and how this can relate to excel in business
  • Leadership, motivation and Resilience
  • Minding the mind as well as the body
  • Awareness on Alcohol and Substance Misuse

Speaking Testimonials

‘I found the talk by Ken Egan genuine and inspirational. Ken has a relaxed way of communicating and delivers a message of hope, perseverance, determination and also of new beginnings – a message needed for every generation’.​


Pearse College, Crumlin

‘Kenneth spoke honestly and openly about his early life, life as Kenneth Egan the Olympian, and Kenneth Egan the person. Kenneth kept students engaged for over fifty minutes prompting a number of questions from students after the talk had concluded.’

Fergal Brennan

St Kieran’s College, Kilkenny

‘Kenny’s talk was very interesting and insightful. It was great to hear stories like that from our own Olympian and shows us no matter how big or famous you are, we all make mistakes but it is how we recover from those mistakes and Kenny’s stories prove that he is not just a fighter in the ring but also outside the ring too.’


Scoil Chonglais, Baltinglas

‘I’d highly recommend Kenneth as a speaker at any event. He was friendly and professional, and had essential key points he drove home during his presentation. It was a brilliant talk and I really felt that he had a great impact on the students attending, especially through the honesty and passion he spoke with. The atmosphere was fantastic, and the student engagement on the evening was more than I had hoped for. The feedback we’ve received from the event was all positive, and reflects everything said here.’

Jodie Kenny

DIT Mental Health Society Southside Representative​

‘Very engaging speaker who gave a refreshingly honest account of his life and struggles – very inspiring to hear how he turned his life around – highly recommend this talk to anyone who gets the opportunity to attend’ 


Pearse College, Crumlin

‘Kenneth came to our school to speak to 5th year students about alcohol abuse in sport. He spoke about his own life experiences with alcohol in an open and honest way. Kenneth encouraged students to work hard to get what they want in life and to make positive life choices. I have no hesitation in recommending Kenneth to other schools.’​


Scoil Chonglais, Baltinglas

‘I could not recommend Kenneth enough for any schools or organisation in whatever capacity you require. The students in our school are still talking about how effective and memorable Kenneth’s talk was. Huge thanks to Kenneth for allowing us to share and experience his journey with him.’

Fergal Brennan

St Kieran’s College, Kilkenny

‘I had heard him speak before at a community event, and knew that the theme of his talk was the links between mental health and addiction. I was hoping that his status as a prominent male sports star would encourage more male students to attend, as they’re notoriously difficult to get engagement with regards to mental health. The talk itself was fantastic, with lots of engagement from the attendees. Kenneth took the time to answer all of the questions and had the perfect balance throughout of serious and lighthearted. There was a great atmosphere in the room after, with people buzzing from the talk.’

Jodie Kenny

DIT Mental Health Society Southside Representative​

‘Last week at St. Mary’s Secondary School Newport, we were so lucky to have Mr Kenneth Egan, Irish boxer and Olympic Silver medalist in our school to talk to our fifth and sixth year students as part of our wellbeing week. Kenneth talked to our students about his life story, alcoholism and mental health. During the talk there wasn’t a sound as all students and teachers present were in awe of this great man. After the talk Kenneth stayed to take photos with all the students with his Olympic medal. I would highly recommend anyone to try and listen and take on board what this man had to say. Excellent talk from a very inspirational and humble man.’

Fionn Carew

St. Mary’s Secondary School, Newport
‘We could not recommend Kenneth Egan more for Motivational Speaking; he was simply excellent. Kenneth spoke with our team members, both young and old about a variety of different topics and the feedback was phenomenal. It was moving, inspirational and meaningful and we are so grateful for it. While some of the topics were difficult to discuss, Kenneth had a great wit and sense of humour which brought a lightness and also realness to it all. We sincerely appreciate his open honesty – the more of that in the world the better in our opinion. Thank you to Kenneth for your time.’

Chloe McKillen

Atlas Autoservice

Press Review

Tonight I attended a talk by Olympic boxing silver medallist Kenny Egan in Duleek. It is one of a series of talks organised as part of the feel good project locally. Apart from his olympic success I knew little else about Kenny and deliberately avoided doing any research beforehand as I wanted to hear his story first hand.

Kenny took us through his childhood, early boxing career leading up to and culminating in his olympic silver medal in Bejing in 2008. However, post Bejing loneliness, isolation and anxiety took hold as he found himself ill equipped to deal with his exalted status, turning to alcohol to ease this transition.

Two years of alcohol abuse and mental health issues ensued and it was a visit to the graveyard with his mother that became the trigger to seek help with his addiction. This led Kenny down the road of education, sobriety and ultimately redemption to the point that he is now a practicing counseller in the areas of Abuse/Addiction, mental health and resilience to name but a few.

Tonights talk was incredibly candid (as only a boxer can be) and thought provoking. Several themes ran through most notably the pivotal influence of his mum at key times in his life, how elite sportspeople are more vulnerable to issues relating to anxiety, mental health and addiciton than most and above all how we are losing the art of good conversation as a form of therapy.

I know Kenny does a number of public speaking events. If you get a chance to catch him in your locality it is well worth it.
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